You wish you had a life as wonderful as mine!!

Things I have thought about today that make me smile

  1. I appreciate that I have more time to read these days.
  2. I appreciate that I own two electric blankets.
  3. I appreciate that I am comfortable enough at work to go hatless (not in the public hallways yet though).
  4. I appreciate that when I want to stop at an expensive grocery store and stock up on high protein organic overpriced food I can do that.
  5. I appreciate that I have a good general knowledge about a lot of subjects so most of the time I can fake it during conversations.
  6. I appreciate that my husband and son fell in love with my demonic kitten even though he scratches the hell out of them (not me) and eats their electronics and plants.
  7. I appreciate that I finally found a light lipstick/balm that I can wear and picked two colors that both suit my face.
  8. I appreciate that my daughter has turned into an amazing friend to me. I never expected that.
  9. I appreciate that no matter how sick I get from the chemo there comes a point where I start feeling better (today) and I know I’m on the upswing!
  10. I appreciate that no one in my family is particularly nurturing (sorry if any of you are reading this and thought you were) but that I have been  so well taken care of that I have never felt nervous about getting too sick to care for myself. My husband has been extraordinarily solicitous in some unexpected ways.
  11. I appreciate that I am in a position to already be planning my next trip to Chicago in Spring for a day.
  12. This was not a list of everything obviously. Just todays thoughts.




3 thoughts on “You wish you had a life as wonderful as mine!!

  1. This was a wonderful thing to read first thing in the morning. It brought tears to my eyes.

    I am glad your guys really like the kitten. Sometimes people don’t realize they are cat people until they spend some time with one.

    I love number 8.

    And, of course, I am especially excited about number 11. 😀

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