You’re a mean one.

Feeling mean lately. I think I feel a little trapped. Between the Doctors and the chemo my life is scheduled around I am also pretty firmly tied to the house because of the puppy. I know I bitch about her a lot but I am pretty happy with her. It is just a lot to deal with. I also feel kind of poor which is weird for me, and unnecessary. I just miss having a lot of disposable income. 🙂 Spoiled I think.

Going to make sure I have lots of physical activity this week which will help. It gives you that feeling of accomplishment which makes you feel a little better about yourself.

I am already feeling sad about the lack of warmth outside. That is probably the biggest problem. The neuropathy has made the cold completely intolerable now. I want to just go outside and walk and I can’t.




1 thought on “You’re a mean one.

  1. I know I get to feeling a little trapped when going outside is not an easy thing…have to think about it….will this coat be warm enough…..and I don’t even have doctors and chemo to complicate it!

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