You’re fired from the sympathy receiving group!

Over the last few years I have talked about finding a support group. This last six months I have visited two different ones. Not quite what I was looking for. My friend the lovely Nina mentioned that she was visiting a group on FaceBook that she found very helpful so the other day I went a’looking.  I joined three hoping at least one of them would suit me. So far my favorite in terms of helpfulness and interaction is ChemoChat.

In one of the groups someone joined and introduced herself. She had just recently been diagnosed. She said something that I totally connected to. She said she felt guilty because she didn’t look or act sick enough. I understand that. Sometimes I actually worry that I am looking and acting so healthy that people will stop thinking I need them or their help and it’s just not true. I am just getting so good at managing the diseases and their symptoms and the treatment and it’s effects that when I need to be strong and active, I can be. As long as I have some advance warning and it doesn’t last for too long. Luckily I have so few responsibilities in my life now I can use my good hours to do things that will help me get even stronger.

Isn’t it strange the way our minds work?

I have also endeavored to no longer use the write click on a misspelled word in my browser and I correct it using my brain now! I swear I am getting dumber as time goes on.


6 thoughts on “You’re fired from the sympathy receiving group!

  1. . I hate when I’m typing along and can’t think of a word….the secret is to keep your fingers on the keyboard and look to the left. Somehow that left head turn has become habit….

  2. Well, it is kind of true that the image you present online doesn’t really show how sick or how much in pain or how challenging life can be and I know I actually have to remind myself that you are probably more sick than you seem. I think when you do talk about the problems you are so matter of fact that it doesn’t really sink into people’s brains how sick you are. Not that I am suggesting that should do it differently but I hope you are aware of that. The upside of it is on the rare occasion when you do reach out more, I think people hear it loud and clear because you don’t often reach out. Plus I think it is hard for people to realize when they don’t actually see the person on a daily basis. We told people Rob was sick but it didn’t really sink in until they saw him and then they were flabbergasted because he really did look like he was dying for awhile.

    I am so glad that you are strong (physically and mentally) enough and smart enough to figure all of this out.

    1. It’s a reoccurring theme with me isn’t it? I feel like the only person in the world who feels guilty for feeling good. 🙂
      I just read your post and it won’t let me comment. Isn’t it stupid? WP emailed me a copy of your post but says I am not authorized to comment on it! I won’t put my comment here since it’s public but until such a time that WP allows me in, just know I have a comment loaded and I am thinking about you.

      1. I was trying to find the protected setting which seems to be gone and I saw some thing about privacy and I clicked that and now I think I have done something weird to my WP site. Can you put the comment into a facebook message.

        You shouldn’t feel guilty about anything.

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