Zith-ra-da-doo da…Zith-ra-dee-day.

On day five of the Zithro and no new crisis, so that is good. Pretty lightheaded still but every day I feel a little better. I went from twelve thousand steps a day minimum to this:


Crazy. I need to find a way past this to get moving again because I have hit the point where it will just get worse the more I do no move. You have to keep your body in that mode.

I went to my Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner yesterday. I just love her. I ended up doing an acupuncture treatment while I was there also. I do not think it helps, but I do not think it hurts! She is very pregnant and working with someone who will step in while she is on maternity leave. At one point I had a woman on each side of me holding my wrists. It was a very nurturing feeling. I can not really explain it, but there was a weird moment of connection there.I got three different type of herbs to try. She has always been very adept at helping me with side effects that my doctors could not get a handle on. My hope is to use her to combat the long term effects from a years worth of antibiotics.

Anyway…Frost warning tonight. Sigh…..Oh – speaking of which – my size 4 shorts are now too big! I ate a sandwich yesterday. I also picked up a bunch of liquid meal supplements and my husband picked up Ice Cream. Food tastes really bad to me, really bad. I may have to go back to my weekly Baskin Robbins until this gets under control.




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