Just a quick so I don’t forget

I have been cranky all day! I think it’s because I finally got a good night sleep but it’s cold and snowy outside so I can’t even go and enjoy my energy. I really don’t like the cold.

I keep meaning to post about my 1st improv class but just haven’t sat down to do it. So first:

Tracy, Kevin, Rachel, Marissa, Gary, Chris, Eric, Josh, Sydney, Travis, Nithin, Deke, Julia, Wendy & Instructor Jeremy

I put myself to sleep the other night by trying to remember all 14 peoples names. I’m only 90% sure I’ve got these correct. 

It was as uncomfortable as I expected at first. We played improv games. Where we mostly just responded to suggestions and scenarios. Though one did prompt me to later have a nightmare about a giraffe. I was at a NASCAR Event, I delivered a baby, I was a zombie, I rode a rollercoaster, I did other things I don’t remember.

My biggest problem is that I kept getting lost in watching other people and just standing still. So I need to learn how to watch and react at the same time. Which when I think about it is exactly what I need for learning how to get over my strange reaction to being on camera or on stage. So, maybe this will be the correct solution for me. It’s an 8 week class (I think) so we’ll see what happens. 

Two Things – One – Every single person in there seemed familiar to me except for the teacher.Two 2 – Every single person seemed really nice!


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