Just look away, Look away— There’s nothing but horror and inconvenience on the way. Ask any stable person, “Should I watch?” and they will say….

Sometimes I don’t post negative things because I get overwhelmed by how much support I get online. Is that weird?

Sometimes when I post something that I think is funny about my health or craziness I get too many sad faces when what I was expecting is Laughing faces and it makes me feel bad. I don’t want people to think I am sitting around feeling sorry for myself (even when I am).

Today you can feel semi-bad for me. Feeling quite blah this morning. I noticed something very unpleasant yesterday.

When I went to chemo yesterday I started feeling nauseated while I was still in the parking lot. I knew I was starting to have reactions when I was sitting in the chair to the smells but now it’s starting even earlier. Just thinking about it right now, it makes me feel quite disgusting. I can feel the smells in the back of my throat. That’s not cool at all. I have been going to this office for four and a half years. That’s a really long time to go this often. I’m not sure what the solution is but I need to find a way to break my personal cycle. Maybe something smelly like lavender to start.

Okay – let’s call that chest talk since it’s my port

Onto eye talk!

Cataract surgery next week! I don’t know why I am so excited, though I now have plans for that evening. I bet I will look terrible!!!

Head Talk

I really would like to find a neurotologist. Mine left the practice and it seems like there was only one in the area. I am having all sorts of vestibular issues, probably from a medicine change, and I don’t have anyone to talk to about it. I don’t want to go back on the old medicine, even though it helped because I had to take it everyday and I want to know if there is some type of rescue med that I can take instead. I am hearing so many tones in my ears now that it’s becoming very distracting.

Oh wait – I guess that was head & ear talk!

Signed up for the Level 2 improv glass. Then I think I am done. I never really want to do improv for improv sake but I enjoyed the level 1 so much I should try the advance I think.

Benny and I are definitely having some trouble getting out of bed today.

This last week I found out about a very unexpected death from cancer and it hurt my heart so much. One of the situations where it’s someone you don’t talk to much but think about frequently and always expect to be there where they are supposed to be. Does that make sense?

And then one of those lovely ladies from what I call Cancer Camp, died. It’s too much.

Okay – and on that sad noteI  Things to do today, so UP!


1 thought on “Just look away, Look away— There’s nothing but horror and inconvenience on the way. Ask any stable person, “Should I watch?” and they will say….

  1. I have had that happen where I think something is funny and then people put sad face emojis. I think it is really hard to write so that people really get the emotion that you are trying to convey. Plus it depends on well they know you and how they are feeling at the moment that they are reading and responding.

    I am sorry about the smell thing. That sounds awful. Maybe the pre smell would help.

    Have you considered the Cleveland Clinic? I see it is 2 hours away but it is not like you would have to see them on a regular basis.


    I will be interested to hear how Improv 2 differs from Improv 1.

    I am sorry about the passing of one of the camp ladies. Losing people is always hard.

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